The Latest Car Audio Technology Available

You probably already have a sound system fitted to your vehicle, but technology rolls on and there’s always room for improvement.

Better sound quality is a constant aim for your top suppliers of car audio in Cairns- Air Sound & Vision.

We know all of the latest news and information on car audio products, because that’s our business.

Here are a few of the top upgrades you can make to your car audio right now that will make your driving experience more enjoyable than ever. 


The latest speakers that you can fit to your car audio are moulded as one piece.

They have done away with the dust cap. As an all-in-one component, it makes the speakers stronger.

As all moving vehicles are prone to some level of vibration, this new method of making speakers cuts down on the actual speaker vibration and sound distortion when playing.

These will improve your music or call quality and experience significantly.

Installing a central speaker alongside your other speakers will have the effect of a better-balanced, realistic sound in your vehicle.

The central speaker is synced to the forward speakers. As it is also connected to the rear speakers, those can be individually sound adjusted also. 


Amplifiers have improved too. Now you can get a 650 watt digital amplifier that will boost your power output. They use digital signal processing to perfectly match all your individual speakers.

They use high resolution analogue-to-digital and also digital-to-analogue converters for better fidelity and greater sound.

This results in each individual speaker having its own amplification. 

The digital signal processing system carefully measures the contours of the inside of your car or cab and sitting positions so that the driver and passengers each get the same quality and clarity of sound, despite where they are in relation to the position of the speakers.

Latest Improvements

These are some of the latest improvements in car audio in Cairns that you can use to upgrade your sound experience on every drive.

Why settle for less?

If you want better clarity and versatility in your sound system, come and talk to us at Air Sound & Vision and we will explain how it works and assist you with any upgrades you need.

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