High-grade 4×4 accessories Cairns vehicles need

Customising your SUV so that it fits your lifestyle is one of the joys of owning a more versatile vehicle.

Whether you want to add some impressive car audio to your Hi-Lux or Outlander, or are considering installing some after-market video equipment to optimise safety, tailored 4×4 accessories in Cairns are the way to go.

Here we take a look at the top picks for must-have accessories.

Read on to discover how premium accessories, carefully fitted by suitably qualified and experienced experts, can absolutely transform your driving experience.

Stunning sound systems

If you love to drive with your favourite tunes blasting, customised door panels allow your speakers to sit securely in the doors of your SUV.

The existing panels of many SUVs don’t have sufficient depth to take a subwoofer, which means if you love a strong bass line, your music is going to lack a little something: that’s where after-market panels come in.

Choose from a range of different sizes that have been specifically moulded to suit your individual vehicle’s contours.

Once installed, high-grade subwoofers from well-known manufacturers give your vehicle’s sound system the clarity and volume needed to really bring out the bass and sub-bass in your tunes.

Bluetooth solutions for communication and navigation

When it comes to tech, the options for after-market communication and navigation accessorising are almost endless.

For SUV drivers who want to stay in touch whilst they’re on the road, Apple carplay or Android auto (depending on the type of operating system your phone has), are great options.

These work by transferring control of various mobile phone functions to your car radio.

This means if you want to call someone, you can use your car radio screen to direct the call.

A great alternative where a bluetooth signal isn’t always possible, this type of accessory also ensures that you’re not breaking any laws relating to phone use whilst driving.

Safety first with reverse cameras and dash cams

From contesting speeding tickets through to establishing fault in the unfortunate event of an accident, there are all sorts of reasons why the installation of a reverse camera and/or dashcam recorder makes sense.

Dashcams can make all the difference when it comes to dealing with your insurers, particularly in the event of a hit-and-run accident, where the offender doesn’t hang around to leave their details.

Your dashcam footage can provide the vital evidence needed for your insurance claim to be approved.

Dash cams are available with several different functionalities.

Some record continuously, activating once the ignition is switched on.

There are dash cams that are activated by sensors when a swift movement is detected near the car. This means that incidents which take place whilst the car is parked can be caught on film, even if the vehicle is unattended.

Some systems can be set up with motion detection. This can be set to activate should anyone come too close to your SUV.

Want to find out more about the top-grade 4×4 accessories in Cairns that we know motorists love?

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