ASV3222 Programmable Switch

Introducing the ASV3222 programmable switch.

We call these devices our “Super SecretASV3222 Programmable Switch Sauce” and have been using them internally for a number of years to solve many tricky installation problems.

We have now made the ASV3222 available to other automotive accessory installers, and at a price where they won’t generally add to the cost of the job. The ASV3222 is a neater, quieter and lower power solution to many problems where relays and diodes might normally be used, but they can also solve many problems that may otherwise mean a job must be turned away.

The number of uses is vast, but put simply, the ASV3222 is a four input, one output switch that acts much like a solid state relay with intelligence. Easily programmable from any Windows PC using the ASV3222 Programming Interface.

Here are just a few of the uses:

  • Reversing camera controller
  • LED indicator flasher
  • Interior light controller
  • Automatic antenna controller
  • Alarm shock sensor delay
  • Auto window closer
  • Momentary to toggle switch
  • Latching relay
  • Fan timer

Each of the 4 inputs can be configured to detect a particular voltage within 3 volt increments, and can have a programmable “on” delay and “off” delay of up to 25 seconds each. Each input has a number of modes including toggle and latch, and can trigger when the input voltage is more than or less than the preset voltage.

A final decision on when the output ASV3222 Programmable Connectorshould switch on is made based on the state of these 4 inputs. Two master timers of up to 54 minutes can control the output delay and auto reset time.

The output can be set to normally open, normally closed, or set to switch on and off at a preset time of between 0.5 seconds and 12 seconds, for example to flash lights.

An important feature of the ASV3222 is that all of the inputs are high impedance (>20k Ohms), so they will not cause loading on the vehicle wiring. This is very important in modern vehicles where connecting a standard relay will often  flag an error to the on-board computer, requiring a visit to the vehicle dealer for a reset.

If you have a more complex job to undertake, the ASV3222 is economical enough to make it viable to use multiple units. We have used up to 4 units in a single job to control pneumatic door systems requiring fairly complex logic.

The ASV3222 does take a bit of effort to understand fully, which is why we offer several aids to people who want to use them.

Firstly, the easy to use, freely downloadable Windows programmer software includes a simulator, so you can test your configuration before programming the ASV3222.

Also included in the free software are a number of common preset configurations that can simply be loaded into a switch via the programming interface. Over time, the number of these presets will be added to, and you can also add your own presets.

We also offer free email and phone support to professional installers to help them get up to speed quickly.

If you don’t want to purchase the programming interface, for small cost we can supply an ASV3222 pre-programmed to your specification. Simply export the configuration from the software and email the file to us.

ASV3222 USB Programming Interface
ASV3222 USB Programming Interface
ASV3222 Windows Programming Software
ASV3222 Windows Programming Software
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