ASV3270 Automotive Audio Tester

ASV3270 Automotive Audio Tester

The ASV 3270 is a battery operated hand held multi-tester for use by car audiovisual system installers. It comes with test leads, alligator clip, RCA to 3.5mm cable and a user manual. You will need to supply a 9V alkaline battery.

The ASV 3270 has 5 main modes of operation.

1 – Voltage Detection. Quickly determine if a wire has 12V or 24V on it. This function works much like a traditional test light, except that it has a high impedance input to minimise the risk of damage to the electronics in modern vehicles, and it can differentiate between 12V and 24V.

2 – Line Audio Listen. Using its miniature inbuilt speaker and amplifier, this mode allows the installer to test a line level output from a head unit or sound processor for a signal.

3 – Line level Tone Generator. In this mode the ASV 3270 outputs a test tone at line level that can be used to check amplifiers.

4 – Speaker Polarity (Phase) Test. By playing a special Polarity Test Tone (downloadable from this page) on the head unit and connecting the 3270 to speaker wires, the installer can quickly determine which wire is positive and which negative.

5 – Speaker Test. The speaker test mode allows the installer to quickly test if a speaker works. It also sends a 200mA current pulse every couple of seconds, which displaces the cone, allowing polarity to be determined. This mode also gives an approximate indication if the speaker is 2 Ohm or 4 to 8 Ohm impedance, and can also allow the installer to quickly determine if there is a short circuit in speaker wiring.

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