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Auto AV Upgrades Available in Cairns

Suffering from terrible sound quality with your built-in speakers? Need a Bluetooth connection that actually works when you need it to?

At Air Sound & Vision, we are automotive audio and visual experts in Cairns and we can create a unique high-performance audio and visual solution for you and your vehicle.

Our fully-equipped workshop in Cairns means we can create a bespoke solution that fits your vehicle perfectly and you can count on us for professional installation and exceptional workmanship. 

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We stock a wide range of quality products to keep you and your family safe, connected and entertained in the car, on and off road.

Our highly trained staff and well equiped workshop ensure a perfect installation and lifetime install warranty.

Premium car audio

If you love to drive and you’re always listening to music on the road, you need a car audio system that can really perform.

Poor sound quality is a common problem with standard car audio systems, and if you love to explore and be on the road, there is a much better option for you.

Our audio engineers can advise you on what audio system would work best for you, whether you want a thumping baseline for road trips or high fidelity sound for classical symphonies.

From in-built speaker panels to incredible subwoofers, we can install the highest quality audio solutions for your vehicle. 

Superior Bluetooth connectivity

At Air Sound & Vision, we know that if you’re spending a lot of time driving, you’ll need a way to communicate safely.

We can install the latest Apple Car Play and Android Audio products so your vehicle is connected for a hands-free solution.

Our experienced professionals in Cairns can install a range of technical vehicle solutions, so you’re never disconnected on long drives in the bush. 

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