Products to suit ​Landcruiser and Hilux

Listings depict after-market solutions suitable for use with or compatible with various vehicle manufacturer models and arenot genuine supplied equipment or affiliated with those same vehicle manufacturers referred to.

Door Panels
To Suit ​70 Series Landruiser​
75 to 79 series
These custom lower door panels make it easy to install speakers into the front doors of ​75 to 79 series Landruisers and enhance the look of the interior.

The 79 series refers to the latest style, it can come in 2 door, 4 door or troopy. The 75 and 76 series are the same but just older. The panels are needed for any of these variations that do not have a quarter glass window in the front doors as there is not enough depth with a full window. The 79 series all have a full window and will need the panels, but they will still fit any of the older models and give a much better finish than putting the speaker directly into the door.

If your vehicle has door pockets, they can be removed from the door card and refitted to our panels. If your vehicle does not have door pockets, they can be purchased from the car dealer as spare parts.


The ASV79-..S models are a shorter panel to suit 4 door dual cab utes and troop carrier Landcruisers, while the ASV79-..D models are slightly longer to suit 2 door single cab Landcruiser utes.

There are 6 different panel types available to accommodate different speaker types and the 2 different door sizes.​​

ASV79-6S – Short Panel – For 6″ speakers and 4 door ute or troopy.
ASV79-6x9S – Short Panel – For 6×9″ speakers and 4 door ute or troopy.
ASV79-6CS – Short Panel – For 6″ split speakers and 4 door ute or troopy.
ASV79-6D – Long Panel – For 6″ speakers and 2 door ute.
ASV79-6x9D – Long Panel – For 6×9″ speakers and 2 door ute.
ASV79-6CD – Long Panel – For 6″ split speakers and 2 door ute.

Subwoofer Enclosures to Suit Landcruisers

These subwoofer enclosures have been developed by Air Sound & Vision for optimum performance and are ported and tuned for best results with Alpine SWR-T10 or Kenwood KFC-WPS1000F subwoofers. These do not require and vehicle modifications and retains the factory jack handle and tool holder positions.

Made from plywood so it will not swell in a moist environment.