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Mobile PA Systems

Custom designed for optimum performance

​​We have been supplying custom designed PA Systems based around various CD, MP3, DVD head units to tour companies for over 20 years. Voice quality, reliability and ease of use have been our major design goals. 

We supply and fit these systems to buses, boats, four wheel drives, hovercraft and planes.​They are to run on internal speakers and are not for outside broadcast use. Dealer inquiries welcome.

Optimum Performance
We have tailored the characteristics for optimum performance in the harsh and noisy automotive environment.
Sound Quality
The Air Sound & Vision designed circuit boards use surface mount components to ensure reliable operation and are carefully designed for sound quality, unlike some other units on the market.
ASV3311 Integrated PA System


Our integrated PA systems are designed to allow background music and have separate volume controls for voice and music.  The ASV3311 has 2 microphone channels, one of which has a secondary rear RCA socket for running to a remote microphone. It also includes a rear 3.5mm Jack that allows you to mix sound from an iPod or MP3 player in the background while you are talking. The 3311 is typically integrated into a MP3/Tuner headunit and takes advantage of the high power amplifier built into the head unit.

Public Address Sound System

ASV3311 Add-On

These units will connect to any stereo system that has an aux input to give it PA capabilities. Ideal if you already have a compatible stereo and don’t need to use the radio at the same time as the PA. The ASV3311 has 2 microphone channels, one of which has a secondary rear RCA socket for running to a remote microphone. It also includes a rear 3.5mm Jack that allows you to mix sound from an iPod or MP3 player in the background while you are talking.

This PA system add-on plugs into the AUX input on a compatible head unit to give up to 2 microphones with independent volume controls. A rear panel RCA jack allows a hard-wired driver’s mic and the rear panel 3.5mm socket allows you to input background music via a portable music player.



​​Our add-on PA systems run from 12V or 24V and the PA systems integrated into stereo head units can be fitted to 24 volt vehicles by using an optional 24V to 12V reducer. 

Condenser Headset Microphone


These hand made headset microphones are very heavy duty for professional use. Allows a driver to use the PA system while keeping both hands on the wheel. Safer than a boom mic on bumpy roads. Suits all our PA systems, but may require an ASV1102 condenser mic adapter for some other brands of PA.
The ASV401 is a heavy duty aluminium framed headset microphone for use with our PA systems. NOTE: this will not work with most standard PA systems as the condenser microphone needs to be supplied a small amount of power from the PA. Adding an ASV1102 Headset Adaptor is a solution in these cases.
ASV1102 Condenser Mic Adaptor


Allows our condenser headset microphones to be used with other brands of PA systems that do not normally accept condenser microphones. Works in 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles.

Headsets and hand-held mics

We also carry light-weight dynamic headsets and hand-held mics suitable for ​Toyota Coaster and Mitsubishi Rosa OEM PA systems.

We offer exceptional car PA systems that use innovative technology and cutting edge, accessible design for fantastic results. Ideal for tours, campaigning, or promotional work whilst you’re on the move around town, choose a quality car PA system to get your message across clearly and communicate effectively with passengers. You can use car PA systems for a whole range of purposes, and we have solutions that are ideal for a wide variety of requirements.

Whether you’re looking for an in-car PA system for lifestyle or work purposes, you’ll find a great solution with us that tailored to fit your needs. We’re based in Cairns and are proud to offer some of the leading systems available in Australia, providing unparalleled quality along with real reliability. We’ll listen to your needs and deliver a high-quality design that gives you what you want.

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Car PA system expertise

At Air Sound & Vision, we’ve been designing and supplying high-quality PA systems for various vehicles for decades. This has given us unbeatable experience and knowledge of what vehicle users are looking for from a PA system. This means that we can create innovative custom PA solutions for any car. Our PA systems for cars are carefully designed for consistently reliable performance, even in the noisy environment of a moving car. When you choose one of our PA systems, you’re getting leading technology and peak performance.

We’re also committed to providing exceptional sound quality and clarity across all of our in-car PA systems, as well as fantastic ease of operation. Every system is carefully designed to make it as intuitive and high performing as possible. Our high-quality systems are compatible with a broad range of head units, offering the ideal PA solution for any car.

Unique custom designs

We offer custom-designed car PA systems that are ideal for your needs and deliver what you want. As well as our main systems, we also provide a variety of add-ons like adaptors and headset microphones to make your system precisely what you need and ensure it functions perfectly.

The smart solutions we have available range from basic PA systems for cars that allow you to communicate with passengers to sophisticated solutions that offer you a broad range of communication options and provide essential information. Enquire today with our team in Cairns to discover what our customised PA systems could do for your vehicle.

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If you need a great quality PA system for your car and want a trusted, top-rated solution, choose a PA system from Air Sound & Vision. We service Cairns and the surrounding areas for your convenience. Plus, our fantastic car PA systems are reliable and high performing, designed to serve your communication needs in your vehicle perfectly.

We offer free quotes for our custom-designed PA solutions, so contact us now to find out more about what we have to offer. We have a custom car PA solution that’s designed to suit your needs and enhance the experience in your vehicle for you and your passengers.

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